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Shree Siddhanath Science Campus, established in 2033 BS in Mahendranagar, is a costituent campus of Tribhuvan University. Hence, it is completely supported and managed by the university. It is offering B.Sc CSIT, B.Sc and M.Sc in Physics program. Unanimity in campus development among all the stakeholders including political parties, parents, representatives of the municipality, District Development Office, etc. Most of the officials and parents are the graduates of this campus. There is a sense of belongingness among all concerned. It is located in Bhim Datt Municipality which is an emerging town of Kanchanpur district in the far western Terai of Nepal; it is also a border town adjoining Banbasa, India. It is mainly catering to the students from Kanchanpur and at least nine adjoining districts, mainly of the students are the first generation in higher education, many of them are from dalit and disadvantaged Janajati groups Siddhanath Science Campus has overcome many challenges and accomplished many achievements.

It must be a pride and prestige of Far Western Region, because it is only one science campus in this area and it has qualified teachers, quality production and efforts of diverse developments. So Siddhanath Science Campus has become a bright light of education in Far Western Nepal. Siddhanath Science Campus, the glory of Far Western Region, has earned its name and fame in science faculty across Nepal


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